Friday, January 1, 2010

1st day of the new year

What a great day to start off the new year, well, new decade with!!  So today I wasn't really good at the whole weight loss thing, I'm planning on getting that one going on Monday.  A weekend is just so hard to get a work out plan and diet going.  So today my family and I went up to Fort Collins to see a studio that a lady had available that is connected to her house, it's kind of like a guest quarters. We walked in and instantly fell in love!!  So everything has been worked out with her.  We put down the security deposit and this months rent so I officially have some place to live for this semester!  She was so kind to work out with us to do a 5 month lease, that was I can attempt to find an internship for the summer.  Hopefully the Denver Zoo. 
Anyways, the apartment has a wood fire place in it that I am really excited for haha.  I love the smell of a real fire.  Trish, my landlord, is going to let me help out with the barn work around there; I'm going to be feeding animals and cleaning out their stalls.  For this I get a reduced rate on my rent!  This is so perfect because I'm going to be getting some quality experience in with larger animals....something that I desperately need!  A lot of jobs that require a zoology major you also need experience with larger animals like horses and cows.  So now I'm getting experience there, and at my job at the research center! 
WOO life is finally coming together!  2010 is going to be a great year!  I just know it!  It has to be better than the past few years have been.  Things have just been so rough for my whole family.  We just all have to keep our heads held high and know that all of this will make us all stronger! 

Here's a toast to 2010! 

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