Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd week of school

 Well hello everyone!!  I know it's been about a week since I've written but just a lot has been going on.  To start, good news! I'm 5 lbs down!! WOOO 45 more to go!! I can do it!  I sat down and re-evaluated how I was going about loosing weight.  I calculated up my calories and everything and realized that I was not eating enough.  I've lost weight before by eating about 5 small meals a day, about 350 calories per meal.  So I sat down and made my self a menu for the week making sure that I get in enough calories.  This method gets your metabolism going and helps you burn fat!  So for each meal I'm making sure that I"m getting protein in, and 3 times a day I'm getting my dairy!!  Veggies and fruits are also an important part to it all. 
So today I had a breakfast burrito, which is nice and small, prob like 200 calories, then I had a banana, and some milk.  I think I might even be under my 340 there...oh well...if I"m a little under it's better than waht I was doing!!  Then for my mid morning snack I had a home made trail mix.  Now I had to do homemade because most of the trail mixes that sunflower, or whole food markets offer have almonds in them, and I am allergic to almonds.  So I made a mix of cashews, sunflower seeds, walnuts, coconut shavings, and yogurt covered peanuts!  Lots of protein!!  I was going to eat 1/2 a cup to meet the calorie intake, but I was way too full and only ended up eating about half of that.  My body is going to take a few days to getting use to eating so much, so often haha.
For Lunch I'm going out with my best friend of 18 years!! Don't worry, I"ll make sure I make smart choices about what I eat!!  Another good thing to have if your trying to loose weight is tea!! Weather it's black, green, white, or what ever, it's so good for you!!  So I'm having a glass of it now with my mid morning snack so I can get those anti-oxidants!! 
So for afternoon snack I am planning on carrots and a little thing of cheese from baybell.  Dinner I'm having chicken and asapragus...haven't quite decided how I"m going to cook either but I"ll let ya know!  I'll come back and write down what I did for it!! 
So that's it for this morning, I just thought I would update everyone on my progress of the new me!!  Have a good day and I'll write later!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

*Insert good title here*

Ok so I didn't have a good title for today's post....oh well.  I'm so ready for the weekend and then school starts back Tuesday!! Yes I'm excited about it because I need something to do haha.  I don't have anything to do tonight...I vacuumed the whole place and cleaned up everything.  But that only took like 20 minutes total...So now I find my self sitting here watching house and playing around on facebook haha.  I'm excited because Saturday night I get to go to the Mammoth game!! Woho!  I love going to those games.
Well tomorrow is weigh in day, think I lost anything?  I guess we will find out!  I feel pretty good though cause I've kept active and have watched what I've been eating.  Speaking of eating, I'm looking forward to breakfast because I'm making breakfast burritos!  I said burritoS because I'm making a few and wrapping up the ones I don't eat and keeping them in my fridge for next week!  YUMMY! 
When I went to get the stuff for them at the store I found pork chorrizo!  I figured this was a fantastic choice, less calories!  Made me even more excited! 
So I"m applying for an apprenticeship position that the Denver zoo has open!  I so hope I can get it, it would be great!  I don't want to go back to my job so bad, I want some real experience, not just cleaning out dog poo and cleaning rat cages.  Anyone can do that!!  I want to put my degree to use!  Cross your fingers that I can get it!!
Anyways I"m out today, so I will write later!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well good evening all, I hope you had a good day!!  I certainly did.  Got up this morning and had some coffee with sugar free creamer, that was my break fast and I loaded up Max in the car and drove up to the mountains.  I decided to go up there to enjoy the nice weather that we have been having here in colorado and just to get out and do something!! 
So I drove up there and it was beautiful!  Blue skies with the snow on the mountains, so gorgeous!! I came back down into town and looked around at stores for some rubber boots because I'm going to start working in the barn tomorrow!  I finally found some at target!  I also got some new heads for my sonic care, and got home and they are the wrong ones :-(  So now I need to return them and get the right ones haha.  I went to subway for lunch and had a subway club with lite mayo, spinach, banana peppers, olives, pickles and salt and pepper.  It was so good! Just hit the spot!
I came home and unpacked some more, almost done!! one box left to go, and some decorations to hang up!  You know what the greatest thing in the world for decorating is?  Command velcro!! They are awesome!
For dinner I had a simple chicken and cheese potato dish.  All you do is cook up some chicken in small pieces, be sure to season nicely.  Have a baked potato, I did mine in the microwave.  And then I make a simple cheese sauce using a beshemel sauce and cheese.  Take and open up the potato and mix the cheese and chicken together and put it on top of the potato.  Very yummy and fast!!  And not bad for you either!!  A lot of people seem to be scared of potatos when trying to loose weight and I'm not sure why...They are full of vitamins!! Very good for you!!
Anyways I"ll leave you with a picture from the mountains and I hope you have a good evening and a good day tomorrow!!



Monday, January 11, 2010


So I'm all moved into my new home!!  Just a few boxes left to unpack.  Oh man I love it here!  I thought at first that I would be really lonely living on my own, but it's really not that bad :-)  Today I started on my weight loss!  I had special K for breakfast, a grilled cheese for lunch, and then an awesome dinner!  Oven baked coconut chicken and rice.  I'll leave the recipe at the end of this!  I also took max on a good 30 minute walk around the new neighborhood.
Last night when I let max out, I stopped and noticed the stars.  Out here in the country they really are something else.  It was so beautiful!  After noticing that I came inside and had a fire in the fire place which was so nice and cozy.  I was extremely relaxed last night it wasn't even funny haha.  would have been even more nice if I would have some one to cuddle up with on the couch...but oh well.  Someday right?
I got my aquarium all set up today :-) I can't wait to get some fish for it but it needs to sit for a little to get the PH in balance.  I also got my movies unpacked and my dvd player working.  Let me tell you that's not an easy task because the connections on my tv are broke so you have to bend them just right to get it to work haha.  Well I guess I'm rambling on here.  I'll leave the recipe for ya!

Boneless, skinless Chicken (thighs or breast) strips
bread crumbs
egg white

Preheat oven to 400. 

Take egg white and whip up with some milk, about 1/2 T for one egg white.  Mix one part coconut and one part bread crumbs on a plate.  Take the chicken and dredge it in flour.  Then dip it in the egg mixture followed by the coconut mixture.  Put on a rack on a cookie sheet.  Bake the chicken for about 25 minutes or until done. 

I also made a dip for it that was interesting, but good haha.  I'll put it as well and you can attempt it

3 T of mayo (lowfat)
1 T of orange juice
1 t of pinaple juice
2 splashes of hot sauce
Whisk all together and enjoy haha :-)

(ok so doesn't look the best but trust me it tastes aweosme!!)
Take care everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Windows 7 part II

So yeah I know I haven't written in a couple of days, but things have been crazy haha.  I finally got windows working on my computer but I had to completely wipe out my whole computer then reinstall everything.  The windows 7 that I got was for an upgrade and not full install.  Well this was a problem since I had never had windows on this computer.  So what I ended up doing is installing windows 7 upgrade, didn't have to put in the key, then put the disk in again and installed the upgrade.  So pretty much windows 7 upgraded it's self, then the key code worked!  haha! Take that windows 7!!  so good deal! I got that for $30, compared to the $200.
So the weight loss is on hiatus until I get moved, it's just so hard to loose weight when you live in a house where no one else is doing it and your food depends on them haha.  I did get some special K for breakfast though.  I usually don't eat breakfast, but I know I need to to get my metabolism going for the day.  So this is a good start to it all haha!
I am heading up to Fort Collins tomorrow for physical therapy and post op.  I'm also going to stop by my new place to take some measurements and drop of some stuff.  I'm still on a hunt for a couch or futon.  A futon would be ideal because then I would have somewhere for a guest to stay the night.
Well I guess I'm out for the night!  Have a good night everyone!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Windows 7

So microsoft has this big promotion out for students that you can get windows 7 pro for $29.99.  When I saw this I thought this was perfect! See I have a mac, which I love, but sometimes there are things that I need to run window for.  For instance my phone is windows based and if I want to sync my contacts I need windows to do so.  Also with sims3 you can create your own world, but need windows to do so, not mac.  So anyways, I jumped on this oportunity!  This was a download from the internet so I had to download it to my parents computer as an ISO then burn it to a DVD so I could bring it to my computer and use it.
Everything went great, and I started up bootcamp to install my new system.  I decided to give windows 15 GB of memory and leave my mac system with 32 GB.  I got going on the installation and everything went great untill I had to put in the product key. When I put it in it said that it was invalid.....This made me pretty angry. 
So I searched around on posts by people and came across one that said the download from the internet was infact the upgrade, not full edition, but had a fix for that.  I got to pass by the product key and get to windows with out it.  Now I had to upgrade my windows 7 onto it's self.  I know doesn't make much since but in theory my product key would now work. 
So I go to do this and it turns out that I didn't give my windows enough memory to do so....CRAP!  So I decided to get back into my mac operating system and delete windows all together and start again, this time giving it 20 GB.  Should work right?  Well I go back into boot camp and have it partition my space for windows and this stupid error message keeps popping up saying that it can't partition the disk and that I now need to restore my operating system...uggggg
So yeah that's the big pain of my night...Anyways, went and saw "Did you hear about the Morgans" which was a good funny movie.  Just a good hour and a half of laughing.  Ate at Red Lobster, and spent way too much on way too little of food.  Note to self, don't eat there again.  I"m still in search for a couch, and now looking for bedding.  Yay for moving.
Anyways tomorrow starts my day of really eating well so lets hope it goes well!!  Until next time


Saturday, January 2, 2010

another day

Well here I am day 3 into the new year, still haven't started the whole dieting thing yet, but I am proud to say I was responsible with my food choices today.  I woke up to my mom making an egg and cheese scramble on a I know that isn't the best thing in the world for ya, but there could be so much worse haha.  My dad and I went out and about today looking for a couch for me and some stuff to fix up the furniture I currently have.  There's nothing wrong with any of it, but we just want to make it look nicer, and prolong its life.  We also went around looking for an enclosure for my hard drive because my last one broke, and after looking for what seemed ever I found one online at micro center for only $25.00.  All the other places had them for like $50.00 and higher, which is ridiculous!!  We did not however manage to find a couch today, too expensive.  I don't need anything fancy, just something to sit on haha.
After we got home my whole family pitched in and worked together to un-decorate the house from Christmas and got everything back in order.  We went to On the boarder afterward where I had their grilled chicken with a honey-chipotle sauce.  It was served with lime cilantro rice, and this corn stuff. It was all really good, and pretty good for me as well haha.  Now I'm sorry, but one thing I cannot stand to do when dieting is switch to diet drinks.  I cannot stand the taste!!!!!! So I stick to my regular coke haha, or water.
Tonight I managed to slip on the stairs and take a good hit to my wrist.  If anything there is more feeling in my wrist now since my surgery on the 18th of December for carpal tunnel release surgery so it hurt really bad.  I also managed to scrape up the sites where it's healing where there is fresh skin growing in and it all tender.  So now I hurt from that, but hopefully it won't hold me back for long!  Well I'm out of here for the night, good night anyone that happens to be reading this, if any one....Have a great rest of your weekend!


Friday, January 1, 2010

1st day of the new year

What a great day to start off the new year, well, new decade with!!  So today I wasn't really good at the whole weight loss thing, I'm planning on getting that one going on Monday.  A weekend is just so hard to get a work out plan and diet going.  So today my family and I went up to Fort Collins to see a studio that a lady had available that is connected to her house, it's kind of like a guest quarters. We walked in and instantly fell in love!!  So everything has been worked out with her.  We put down the security deposit and this months rent so I officially have some place to live for this semester!  She was so kind to work out with us to do a 5 month lease, that was I can attempt to find an internship for the summer.  Hopefully the Denver Zoo. 
Anyways, the apartment has a wood fire place in it that I am really excited for haha.  I love the smell of a real fire.  Trish, my landlord, is going to let me help out with the barn work around there; I'm going to be feeding animals and cleaning out their stalls.  For this I get a reduced rate on my rent!  This is so perfect because I'm going to be getting some quality experience in with larger animals....something that I desperately need!  A lot of jobs that require a zoology major you also need experience with larger animals like horses and cows.  So now I'm getting experience there, and at my job at the research center! 
WOO life is finally coming together!  2010 is going to be a great year!  I just know it!  It has to be better than the past few years have been.  Things have just been so rough for my whole family.  We just all have to keep our heads held high and know that all of this will make us all stronger! 

Here's a toast to 2010!