Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eating out challenges

So since I'm going to be doing this whole eating out thing for the next few weeks I did some investigating at different fast food places on their nutritional information.  Right now I'm mainly looking at the calorie count - I'll pull my hair out if I try to look at everything right now!   So I really plan on printing all of these out while on campus this week because I still have like over 200 pages left of free printing in the botany/zoology building!  So I'll put it to good use! haha! Anyways, my healthiest options that I found so far was subway and surprisingly taco bell.  Now I'm really not a fan of taco bell but I guess I gotta do what I gotta do haha!

Today I ran to the grocery store because I needed some milk and I decided to look in their prepared food section to see what they had to offer.  I found a pack of 3 sub sandwiches - 2 turkey and one roast beef - for $5!  I had to jump on this because these sandwiches are equivalent to that of subway's!  Sure there was no lettuce on them or anything but in my fridge I have a thing of salad!  So I had one of these sandwiches tonight and found out that the trio comes with packets of mustard and mayo!  So I used one of each - that little bit of mayo is fine!  Then I added some of my salad mix to it!  It was yummy!  Deff a good purchase! How many calories are we talking about?  Prob around 450-500 calories, which I know is more than my meals that I make on my own, but that's the range that I'm going to be shooting for during this whole eating out thing.  I'll just cut down on other's during the rest of the day and it should work out just fine!!  Anyways take care everyone and I'll post later!!