Monday, April 19, 2010

Snack time!

So yesterday while I was out and about doing laundry I got kinda hungry but not hungry enough for a full meal.  So I looked at the options around me and the only place really was McDonalds.  So sat and thought about what I could get just for a snack form there....french fries = bad, McDouble = bad (for just a snack), cookies = bad, apple pie = bad....Then the thought came to me!  They have the fabulous fruit and yogurt parfait!!!!!  160 calories = Not bad! haha!  And not to mention the great nutritional value that yogurt haves for your digestive system!  So I got that and a Large iced tea (non sweetened, if you want to sweeten it do so with equal or splenda!).  Now if you really want some sort of pop/soda go for the diet coke, but I really hate diet coke haha.  Also, not to scare you away from it, but in several of my classes I have learned that your body just does not metabolize aspertaine and it stays in your system and yuck, don't wana deal with that haha.  So this total snack came to $2.13  so not bad at all haha!  Today I"ll prob have another one of those sub sandwiches that I got from the store the other day and play it up like I did then too...So have a good day everyone and healthy eating!!

*Side note!  I did 2 whole pushups today!!  I know it doesn't sound like much but that's the most I've been able to do since my hand/wrist surgery back in December so it's deff a step!!*