Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taco Bell

So I tackeld Taco Ball for my fast food eating out adventure and it wasn't too bad!!  I got the fresco ranchero chicken soft taco, a side of mexican rice and a strawberry fruista freezer!  Total meal was 500 calories!!  Now it was filling for the time, but if I would have been hungrier I would have done 2 burritos instead of the burrito and fruit freezer, but I really wanted something nice and cool!!  Taco Bell is an excellent choice for eating out healthy!!  Their new drive-thru diet menu is fantastic so I highly recommend it!  Not to mention their salsas have very little calories so use what ever you want!!


So I did it, I auditioned for glee haha!  This was a huge jump for me cause I don't like singing infront of people too much haha, but I have vowed that this year it's going to be a new me, so I did this!!  go check it out and PLEASE vote for me!!!