Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well good evening all, I hope you had a good day!!  I certainly did.  Got up this morning and had some coffee with sugar free creamer, that was my break fast and I loaded up Max in the car and drove up to the mountains.  I decided to go up there to enjoy the nice weather that we have been having here in colorado and just to get out and do something!! 
So I drove up there and it was beautiful!  Blue skies with the snow on the mountains, so gorgeous!! I came back down into town and looked around at stores for some rubber boots because I'm going to start working in the barn tomorrow!  I finally found some at target!  I also got some new heads for my sonic care, and got home and they are the wrong ones :-(  So now I need to return them and get the right ones haha.  I went to subway for lunch and had a subway club with lite mayo, spinach, banana peppers, olives, pickles and salt and pepper.  It was so good! Just hit the spot!
I came home and unpacked some more, almost done!! one box left to go, and some decorations to hang up!  You know what the greatest thing in the world for decorating is?  Command velcro!! They are awesome!
For dinner I had a simple chicken and cheese potato dish.  All you do is cook up some chicken in small pieces, be sure to season nicely.  Have a baked potato, I did mine in the microwave.  And then I make a simple cheese sauce using a beshemel sauce and cheese.  Take and open up the potato and mix the cheese and chicken together and put it on top of the potato.  Very yummy and fast!!  And not bad for you either!!  A lot of people seem to be scared of potatos when trying to loose weight and I'm not sure why...They are full of vitamins!! Very good for you!!
Anyways I"ll leave you with a picture from the mountains and I hope you have a good evening and a good day tomorrow!!