Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend time!

So glad that it's Friday!  Getting ready to go take my physic exam, it's my 4th exam this past week so it's been a busy one!!!  I was really not good this past week with the whole diet, but oh well right?  I went out this morning and did my barn work.  That's my exercise on Monday and Friday haha.  I'm heading down to Littleton this weekend.  Going with my sister tonight to see her high school's musical at Columbine.  They're putting on Guys and Dolls.  I get extra credit for going for my theater class so it works for me! haha! 
Today I've been busy this morning.  I got up and went out and did my barn work, then I groomed my dog and gave him a bath.  He looks so good now!  Then I got my house all straightened up for the weekend.  Ready to rock and roll! 
As far as eating goes today I prob haven't been eating enough.  I had special K this morning, then I've had 1/4 C of my trail mix and an apple.  I need to eat something else but I really don't have anything around to eat.  I need to go to the store when I get back on Monday. 
Well I didn't have much to say today, but I just wanted to check in and let you all know I haven't forgotten about my blog haha!  I'm so excited that I have more people following!  Next week I plan on being really strict and back to my diet and workout!  Thinking about doing the special K challenge just to jumpstart everything.  I researched it today and I would get the right amount of calories with it, so I think I will!!  Anyways have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Healthy Eating!