Thursday, January 14, 2010

*Insert good title here*

Ok so I didn't have a good title for today's post....oh well.  I'm so ready for the weekend and then school starts back Tuesday!! Yes I'm excited about it because I need something to do haha.  I don't have anything to do tonight...I vacuumed the whole place and cleaned up everything.  But that only took like 20 minutes total...So now I find my self sitting here watching house and playing around on facebook haha.  I'm excited because Saturday night I get to go to the Mammoth game!! Woho!  I love going to those games.
Well tomorrow is weigh in day, think I lost anything?  I guess we will find out!  I feel pretty good though cause I've kept active and have watched what I've been eating.  Speaking of eating, I'm looking forward to breakfast because I'm making breakfast burritos!  I said burritoS because I'm making a few and wrapping up the ones I don't eat and keeping them in my fridge for next week!  YUMMY! 
When I went to get the stuff for them at the store I found pork chorrizo!  I figured this was a fantastic choice, less calories!  Made me even more excited! 
So I"m applying for an apprenticeship position that the Denver zoo has open!  I so hope I can get it, it would be great!  I don't want to go back to my job so bad, I want some real experience, not just cleaning out dog poo and cleaning rat cages.  Anyone can do that!!  I want to put my degree to use!  Cross your fingers that I can get it!!
Anyways I"m out today, so I will write later!