Sunday, January 3, 2010

Windows 7

So microsoft has this big promotion out for students that you can get windows 7 pro for $29.99.  When I saw this I thought this was perfect! See I have a mac, which I love, but sometimes there are things that I need to run window for.  For instance my phone is windows based and if I want to sync my contacts I need windows to do so.  Also with sims3 you can create your own world, but need windows to do so, not mac.  So anyways, I jumped on this oportunity!  This was a download from the internet so I had to download it to my parents computer as an ISO then burn it to a DVD so I could bring it to my computer and use it.
Everything went great, and I started up bootcamp to install my new system.  I decided to give windows 15 GB of memory and leave my mac system with 32 GB.  I got going on the installation and everything went great untill I had to put in the product key. When I put it in it said that it was invalid.....This made me pretty angry. 
So I searched around on posts by people and came across one that said the download from the internet was infact the upgrade, not full edition, but had a fix for that.  I got to pass by the product key and get to windows with out it.  Now I had to upgrade my windows 7 onto it's self.  I know doesn't make much since but in theory my product key would now work. 
So I go to do this and it turns out that I didn't give my windows enough memory to do so....CRAP!  So I decided to get back into my mac operating system and delete windows all together and start again, this time giving it 20 GB.  Should work right?  Well I go back into boot camp and have it partition my space for windows and this stupid error message keeps popping up saying that it can't partition the disk and that I now need to restore my operating system...uggggg
So yeah that's the big pain of my night...Anyways, went and saw "Did you hear about the Morgans" which was a good funny movie.  Just a good hour and a half of laughing.  Ate at Red Lobster, and spent way too much on way too little of food.  Note to self, don't eat there again.  I"m still in search for a couch, and now looking for bedding.  Yay for moving.
Anyways tomorrow starts my day of really eating well so lets hope it goes well!!  Until next time