Monday, January 11, 2010


So I'm all moved into my new home!!  Just a few boxes left to unpack.  Oh man I love it here!  I thought at first that I would be really lonely living on my own, but it's really not that bad :-)  Today I started on my weight loss!  I had special K for breakfast, a grilled cheese for lunch, and then an awesome dinner!  Oven baked coconut chicken and rice.  I'll leave the recipe at the end of this!  I also took max on a good 30 minute walk around the new neighborhood.
Last night when I let max out, I stopped and noticed the stars.  Out here in the country they really are something else.  It was so beautiful!  After noticing that I came inside and had a fire in the fire place which was so nice and cozy.  I was extremely relaxed last night it wasn't even funny haha.  would have been even more nice if I would have some one to cuddle up with on the couch...but oh well.  Someday right?
I got my aquarium all set up today :-) I can't wait to get some fish for it but it needs to sit for a little to get the PH in balance.  I also got my movies unpacked and my dvd player working.  Let me tell you that's not an easy task because the connections on my tv are broke so you have to bend them just right to get it to work haha.  Well I guess I'm rambling on here.  I'll leave the recipe for ya!

Boneless, skinless Chicken (thighs or breast) strips
bread crumbs
egg white

Preheat oven to 400. 

Take egg white and whip up with some milk, about 1/2 T for one egg white.  Mix one part coconut and one part bread crumbs on a plate.  Take the chicken and dredge it in flour.  Then dip it in the egg mixture followed by the coconut mixture.  Put on a rack on a cookie sheet.  Bake the chicken for about 25 minutes or until done. 

I also made a dip for it that was interesting, but good haha.  I'll put it as well and you can attempt it

3 T of mayo (lowfat)
1 T of orange juice
1 t of pinaple juice
2 splashes of hot sauce
Whisk all together and enjoy haha :-)

(ok so doesn't look the best but trust me it tastes aweosme!!)
Take care everyone!