Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Windows 7 part II

So yeah I know I haven't written in a couple of days, but things have been crazy haha.  I finally got windows working on my computer but I had to completely wipe out my whole computer then reinstall everything.  The windows 7 that I got was for an upgrade and not full install.  Well this was a problem since I had never had windows on this computer.  So what I ended up doing is installing windows 7 upgrade, didn't have to put in the key, then put the disk in again and installed the upgrade.  So pretty much windows 7 upgraded it's self, then the key code worked!  haha! Take that windows 7!!  so good deal! I got that for $30, compared to the $200.
So the weight loss is on hiatus until I get moved, it's just so hard to loose weight when you live in a house where no one else is doing it and your food depends on them haha.  I did get some special K for breakfast though.  I usually don't eat breakfast, but I know I need to to get my metabolism going for the day.  So this is a good start to it all haha!
I am heading up to Fort Collins tomorrow for physical therapy and post op.  I'm also going to stop by my new place to take some measurements and drop of some stuff.  I'm still on a hunt for a couch or futon.  A futon would be ideal because then I would have somewhere for a guest to stay the night.
Well I guess I'm out for the night!  Have a good night everyone!