Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd week of school

 Well hello everyone!!  I know it's been about a week since I've written but just a lot has been going on.  To start, good news! I'm 5 lbs down!! WOOO 45 more to go!! I can do it!  I sat down and re-evaluated how I was going about loosing weight.  I calculated up my calories and everything and realized that I was not eating enough.  I've lost weight before by eating about 5 small meals a day, about 350 calories per meal.  So I sat down and made my self a menu for the week making sure that I get in enough calories.  This method gets your metabolism going and helps you burn fat!  So for each meal I'm making sure that I"m getting protein in, and 3 times a day I'm getting my dairy!!  Veggies and fruits are also an important part to it all. 
So today I had a breakfast burrito, which is nice and small, prob like 200 calories, then I had a banana, and some milk.  I think I might even be under my 340 there...oh well...if I"m a little under it's better than waht I was doing!!  Then for my mid morning snack I had a home made trail mix.  Now I had to do homemade because most of the trail mixes that sunflower, or whole food markets offer have almonds in them, and I am allergic to almonds.  So I made a mix of cashews, sunflower seeds, walnuts, coconut shavings, and yogurt covered peanuts!  Lots of protein!!  I was going to eat 1/2 a cup to meet the calorie intake, but I was way too full and only ended up eating about half of that.  My body is going to take a few days to getting use to eating so much, so often haha.
For Lunch I'm going out with my best friend of 18 years!! Don't worry, I"ll make sure I make smart choices about what I eat!!  Another good thing to have if your trying to loose weight is tea!! Weather it's black, green, white, or what ever, it's so good for you!!  So I'm having a glass of it now with my mid morning snack so I can get those anti-oxidants!! 
So for afternoon snack I am planning on carrots and a little thing of cheese from baybell.  Dinner I'm having chicken and asapragus...haven't quite decided how I"m going to cook either but I"ll let ya know!  I'll come back and write down what I did for it!! 
So that's it for this morning, I just thought I would update everyone on my progress of the new me!!  Have a good day and I'll write later!