Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I went to McDonalds for lunch today and got a McDouble and a fruit and yogurt parfet, along with a large iced tea.  It was supper yummy and just enough!! If you tend to be more hungry than that then go for a salad but be careful because a lot of their dressing has a lot of calories in it!!  My meal was 550 calires, I know a lot for just those two things, but the McDouble sounded sooooo good!!! haha

Anyways other than that things have been going well!  I lost 3 lbs!  Could be from all of the packing and really not eating that much, I know bad for me but I am really just not hungry!! So it's ok for me to have 550 calorie meals!!  I hope everything is going well with everyone out there!!  I never hear from anyone so not sure if anyone is reading any more!!!  Anyways, I'll chat with all of you later!