Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whew what a day

Sorry for the earlier post, I was just so full of emotions at the time.  Anyways, today I wasn't so good this afternoon...I ended up eating some homemade chocolate chip cookies that I made over the weekend.  I prob shouldn't have eaten them, but with all of the stress of the day whatever! haha.  We got about 7 more inches of snow over the weekend so that made the whole barn work a lot harder to do yesterday.  I sure got my extra work out in haha.  I plan on doing my sit ups before going to bed tonight, that way today isn't a total loss.....
I guess I can't really say today was a total loss becasue I prob ended up hitting about 1500 calories which is good, but with all the wrong foods!!  haha!  Oh so early today I was in class and waiting for it to start when I over heard a girl talking to her friend.  She was telling her she's trying to loose weight so she's eating healthier and eating snacks through the day.  Thinking to my self, hey that's what I'm doing I got a glimpse of her first snack of the day....and all I wanted to do was look at her and go oh man, that's way too much food!  She had a trail mix, which is full of protein and really good for you, but in small quantites.  She probly had about 2 C's worth.  I first thought to my self, well maybe she's only going to eat part of it... no she ate the whole thing.  It's things like that that really make me want to write this blog...to help educate...Being a zoology major I"ve learned a lot about the way the body process food, and honestly the best way to loose weight, consume less than you burn...nuff said haha.  The whole concept of eating several SMALL meals through the day is to help out your metabolism and keep it going.  If you skip breakfast and eat two large meals your body may think your starving and just store all the food as fat to help it survive.  But then why should everyone eat above 1200 calories if I'm saying that it's better to eat less calories....that's because your body does need a certain amount of food to fuel it.  And that includes a wide varriety of carbs, lipids, proteins, fats, and minerals.  Your body needs all of these!! Trust me, I just took a physiology exam on it haha.  But too much of one thing can be really bad for you!
That reason alone is why some of these fad diets are not good for you!  Like the atkins one with no carbs....carbs are needed for energy storage and to help transport nutrients across your cells!  You cannot survive well with out carbs.  Also your adding a lot of extra fat that your body can't use and just ends up storing it, usually around your stomach area causing belly fat. 
One other piece of advice to everyone out there is if you take a multivitamin take it at lunch instead of early in the morning.  Most vitamins in a multivitamin are water soluble, so they need plenty of fluid for your body to absorb and use them efficiently!  Just make sure throughout the morning to drink plenty of water, remember your suppose to be getting 8 cups of water a day!   Not only will this help with your weight, but skin and everything!!
A theory I'm working with right now is body temp and metabolism....I have a very low body temp naturally and I alos have a slow metabolism....but with both of these I have b-12 deffiencey so I'm I'm on a b-12 sublingule and I'm seeing what my temp does...so far it does raise up to close to 98.6....that's from about 96, so that's an interesting thing.  If you feel like it see what your temp is like in the morning when you get up, then like 10 mins after you eat!  See what it does!  Let me know so i can kinda see if this all correlates with each other!!
Anyways, I know this was a long post, but I think it was good to help explain my knowledge of eating healthy and how to loose weight!  Now I just need to apply all that myself haha!!!!
good luck out there and I will post later!!


Stirring up Old emotions

So there was a shooting today at Deer Creek Middle School in my home town of Littleton, CO.  2 kids were injured before the suspect was tackled down by teachers.  The two who were injured are going to be alright.  This shooting just hits way too hard because this is the same town where the Columbine Shootings happened 11 years ago.  This time it wasn't kids who went to the school but an older male with a rifle.  This just makes me question humanity and what the heck!!  This is our third shooting at a school in Jefferson county over the past 11 years.  I have a combined emotions of wanting to scream, cry, or I just don't know!! UGH!!!!!!  Please play for the kids, families, and teachers of that school!  One of my good friends' sister attends that school.  She is alright just shaken up I"m sure.  Just makes the whole town remember back to the horrible day of the Columbine shootings and how scary that was.  I was in 6th grade during the time of that and it was so scarry, I'm just sorry that these kids have to go through it as well.  Sorry this is rambling I just needed to get this off my chest