Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well I have managed to catch a bad cold...yay go me haha.  During all of this those I have been trying to think of healthy eating still, even while your sick.  So I went to the store looking for something that would feel good on my throat while being easy on my stomach.  I thought soup, that would be a great option!!  So I found Campbell's light chicken with rice condensed soup.  I was afraid at first that this would not have much flavor to it, but I was pleasantly surprise!  It was actually very very good.  It only has 70 calories in it!!  So I had a couple of crackers along with it and it was a great dinner for being sick.  Also for breakfast I had toast with peanut butter which is full of protein and still soothing on the stomach!!  Another good option if your throat is sore is Ben and Jerry's Froyo!!  mmmm it's so good, and not too horrible for you either, better than ice cream!  So give it a try!
So since I have decided that this year will be a new start for me not only with the loosing weight am I trying to change but other aspects of my life...I actually took a chance on Tuesday night and tried out for the acapella group on campus.  Unfortunately I had managed to loose my voice that day and did not make it in.  I was though, very proud of myself for even trying out.  The old me wouldn't have even tried because of fear of rejection.  I know it's not related to weight loss but it was a pretty big step for this new me!! 
Well everyone, I think I'm going to go have some soup and relax and maybe do some reading for classes.  Have a good day everyone and stay healthy!!