Saturday, January 2, 2010

another day

Well here I am day 3 into the new year, still haven't started the whole dieting thing yet, but I am proud to say I was responsible with my food choices today.  I woke up to my mom making an egg and cheese scramble on a I know that isn't the best thing in the world for ya, but there could be so much worse haha.  My dad and I went out and about today looking for a couch for me and some stuff to fix up the furniture I currently have.  There's nothing wrong with any of it, but we just want to make it look nicer, and prolong its life.  We also went around looking for an enclosure for my hard drive because my last one broke, and after looking for what seemed ever I found one online at micro center for only $25.00.  All the other places had them for like $50.00 and higher, which is ridiculous!!  We did not however manage to find a couch today, too expensive.  I don't need anything fancy, just something to sit on haha.
After we got home my whole family pitched in and worked together to un-decorate the house from Christmas and got everything back in order.  We went to On the boarder afterward where I had their grilled chicken with a honey-chipotle sauce.  It was served with lime cilantro rice, and this corn stuff. It was all really good, and pretty good for me as well haha.  Now I'm sorry, but one thing I cannot stand to do when dieting is switch to diet drinks.  I cannot stand the taste!!!!!! So I stick to my regular coke haha, or water.
Tonight I managed to slip on the stairs and take a good hit to my wrist.  If anything there is more feeling in my wrist now since my surgery on the 18th of December for carpal tunnel release surgery so it hurt really bad.  I also managed to scrape up the sites where it's healing where there is fresh skin growing in and it all tender.  So now I hurt from that, but hopefully it won't hold me back for long!  Well I'm out of here for the night, good night anyone that happens to be reading this, if any one....Have a great rest of your weekend!